Solar power is one of the best investments you can make in your home and with an almost 80% average a year of sunny days in central California, there are very few reasons left to not take advantage of the power of the sun. Our goal is to help you start seeing a return on your solar power investment as soon as possible.

We offer a no-obligation free analysis of your utility rates and show you how a solar system will impact your energy bill. We will explain the different systems available and help you determine what type and size will be the best for your budget and energy consumption needs.

Our certified and licensed team designs each solar power system for its individual application using premium products made in the USA. We stand behind both our installations and the products we use, so if you have any issues with or questions about your system and how it is working, we’ll be happy to talk with you.

The solar panel systems we install are backed by a 25 year manufacturer warranty. We offer web-based monitoring that shows you the amount of electricity being generated 24/7. If our system detects something isn’t working properly we will contact you by email or text message. Your solar panels are guaranteed to produce electricity for 25 years, and if they do not generate more than 80% of their factory-rated power output, we will replace them at no charge.

Whether you are interested in getting a system up and running as soon as possible, or just want information on the possibilities, contact us today to set up an appointment.

Solar panels can be installed on most types of roofs including:

  • Composite (asphalt) shingles

  • Tile

  • Metal
  • Tar & Gravel

  • Wood shake

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Still wondering if a solar power system is right for you? Look at this list of advantages of purchasing solar now:

  • Rebates & tax credits – need we say more?
  • Start saving on your electric bill as soon as you’re connected to the grid

  • Protect yourself against rising energy costs
  • Increase your property value

  • It’s good for the environment

  • Support local jobs and economy

  • Solar power is reliable

  • Solar energy is the future